About Michael H. Keltz
Chartered Professional Accountant

Tax Accountant/ Auditor in Toronto, Ontario

What makes our firm exceptional is the dedication our professional staff have in providing our clients with outstanding accounting and tax solutions. Our professionalism and experience set us apart.

We value building long-term relationships with our clients so that we can not just meet - but also anticipate - all their accounting, tax, and bookkeeping needs.

Tax Preparation Toronto

Timely, professional service you can rely on.

Michael H. Keltz is a graduate of the University of Toronto who obtained his CA designation in 1987. Prior to taking over the Tax Boutique, Michael served as Director of Finance for Mirvish Productions of Toronto and also worked as a controller at Honest Ed's shortly after becoming a Chartered Accountant. He has had a seasonal business since 1987 preparing income tax returns and started his own accounting firm in 1999. In 2001 he acquired The Tax Boutique from Denis Germain, CA and in 2007 took over R.W. Adams And Company, Chartered Accountants from Ron Purdy And Gary Flint who were both retiring.